5 Benefits Of Using Coworking Spaces

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Once just considered a necessity as a coworking space for startups, coworking has become more common for folks beyond the entrepreneurial world. While Covid-19 forced many professionals to move to a work-from-home model and as the economy becomes more global, workers are finding more and more opportunities to create a work life that suits them.

This might mean working from home part-time or full-time and this is where coworking spaces—especially those in more off-the-grid places, like coworking in Truth or Consequences and other tiny towns with big talent—come in handy. Here’s a look at the 5 benefits of using a coworking space.

It Brings “The Big Meeting” To Life For Spread Out Teams

Zoom is great, but it can only do so much, especially for teams who work all over the country. When getting remote coworkers together, finding a conference room for rent can make all the difference in promoting collaboration and sharing ideas in a real-life forum.

Connections Are Easier To Make

Have you ever met a new friend, had a great idea after chatting with a stranger or met a future client “by chance”? This is serendipity at work, and another way a meeting space can help build your network in a way that working at home just can’t.

It Creates An Authentic Sense Of Community

Feeling connected to others is a basic need and for business owners and freelancers, finding true connection can be a challenge. This article in Harvard Business Review states that individuals have more control over how they relate and identify as part of the coworking space rather than at a traditional office. Largely because socializing becomes a matter of choice, not forced.

A Change Of Scenery Can Refresh Your Perspective

When you break out of routine, step outside for fresh air and even switch up the scenery of your workplace, it can spur new ideas. For locals who work from home, this is a great reason to get to a coworking space even part-time to keep an open mind.

It Builds Confidence While On The Road

While professionals have more options than ever about where to work, traveling while working can bring a level of anxiety especially when you are working in a truly remote area. Finding coworking spaces as pit stops for working is ideal for the reliable WiFi, printing and copy services and serves as a corporate meeting space to get the team together for a destination pitch, event or summit.

Ready to explore a coworking space? Reach out to us at Turtleback Coworking, we’re here to help.

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