Is Truth Or Consequences Primed To Be A Zoom Town?

Is Truth Or Consequences Primed To Be A Zoom Town?

It might be true that gone are the days gold and oil “boom towns,” but the era of Zoom towns is definitely here. This phrase refers to the influx of tech professionals and remote workers moving out of big cities and into smaller ones.

This migration is thanks largely in part to the flexibility afforded by work-from-home citations and hybrid models brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, what about a town like Truth or Consequences? It has a storied history and has had many personalities. Apache natives frequented the hot springs and saw it as a spiritual place for rejuvenation.

It’s been a gambling town with plenty of bars and entertainment for the workers building the dam in nearby Elephant Butte  and then a haven for the wellness community, thanks again, to the hot springs.

Now, a low cost of living and beautiful scenery are certainly appealing for digital nomads and those not tethered to an office.

Now that there’s a coworking space for freelancers, locals and professionals on the road, Truth or Consequences seems primed to invite workers from big cities like Austin and Albuquerque to enjoy the slower pace of life and tight-knit community here.

A few community events that bring locals and travelers together include the monthly Truth of Consequences Art Hop, the Maker’s Market at Glamp Camp and local music at the Truth or Consequences Brewing Company.

Want to learn more about Truth or Consequences coworking and living? Click the link below to inquire about tours of our coworking space.

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