Mariel Ranson: Navigating the World of Speech Therapy, Teletherapy, and Coworking in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

A Texan Healer in Truth or Consequences

Mariel Ranson, originally from El Paso, is not just your average speech-language pathologist. Dog lover and proud mom to three furry friends, Mariel has called TorC home for the past three years. Currently engaged in teletherapy, she’s also on the brink of launching her private practice, bringing much-needed speech therapy services to Sierra Vista.

Discovering Turtleback Coworking

In a region where reliable wifi is a luxury, Mariel found a sanctuary at Turtleback Coworking. Given the nature of her teletherapy work, a stable connection is paramount. Mariel, a loyal member for almost a year, credits Turtleback Coworking for ensuring uninterrupted quality service to her clients.

The Charm of Coworking: Connectivity and Community

For Mariel, Turtleback Coworking offers more than just a reliable internet connection. Working from home can be isolating, but the coworking space provides a vibrant community. Interaction with fellow professionals has become a cornerstone of Mariel’s work life. The 24/7 access granted by her membership adds flexibility to her schedule.

Aspirations for the Future: Expanding Speech Therapy in TorC

Mariel’s current goal is ambitious—expanding her private practice to make speech therapy accessible to TorC. A focal point of her services is the Flexible Endoscopic Evaluation of the Swallow (FEES). Passionate about dysphagia treatment, Mariel aims to bring this crucial procedure to TorC, sparing patients the need to travel to larger cities for a swallow study.

Behind the Scenes: The Allergic Dog Lover

Beyond her professional endeavors, Mariel reveals a lesser-known fact—she’s allergic to dog hair. Despite this, her love for dogs remains unwavering, showcasing her commitment to both her profession and her furry companions.

Words of Wisdom for Remote Professionals

In response to the challenges faced by remote professionals dealing with distractions or poor wifi, Mariel offers practical advice. Creating a dedicated workspace and establishing clear boundaries are crucial for those working from home. However, for those finding themselves in TorC, Mariel’s resounding endorsement for Turtleback Coworking is clear—where productivity thrives, distractions disappear.

Mariel Ranson’s story is not just about a career; it’s a testament to dedication, community, and the impact of innovative coworking spaces in small communities like TorC. As she continues to make strides in speech therapy, Mariel is a shining example of the positive change one professional can bring to a community.

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