Ready to Leave Your Job To Be A Digital Nomad? Consider These 3 Things

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Ah, to be a digital nomad. Life on the road, unattached to any single job or office and traveling wherever you wish while you work sounds pretty appealing, right? You might’ve even been thinking about this prospect for so long that you’ve wondered what skills do I need to become a digital nomad?Remote working has become more common than ever and if you are considering taking the plunge, here are three things to consider before you do.

Got A Day Job? Get a Side Hustle

If your goals are to be a digital nomad, building a skill set that helps you work from anywhere is a great start. Not sure how you can start hustling? A few side gigs that can turn into real, profitable remote work include web development, copywriting, graphic design and accounting. As long as you don’t have to show up to an office, you can find ways to make your side hustle anywhere-friendly. Need help figuring out how to make your current gig remote? Think about ways to parlay the skills you have in your teaching, corporate or administrative job into

Ensure Your Side Hustle Is Profitable Enough

While a healthy amount of faith and risk are key ingredients for the success of any small business owner or creative freelancer, building up a roster of clients is paramount before quitting your day job. Writer and coach Susie Moore, author of What If It Does Work Out talks about how difficult it can be to stay motivated on your side hustle when you’re stressed about money. Once you are making enough to say bye to your day job without sacrificing your savings you’ll actually be able to enjoy the remote work lifestyle. Need more ideas of side hustles to lead to your footloose and freelance career? Get inspired by this list at

Find Coworking Communities Wherever You Travel

Being self-employed means not only owning your own company, in many cases, but loving your own company as well. Yes, getting rid of the 9-to-5 grind means no more forced fun a la office birthday parties, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a social network in a shared workspace situation. Coworking spaces or shared office spaces are a fantastic way to meet like-minded remote workers like yourself. While some are geared to long-term memberships, plenty have drop-in day rates or short-term rentals. The best spaces for digital nomads are often coworking spaces for freelancers as well, and you never know—you just might meet your new best friend or business partner at a desk nearby!

Planning to start your digital nomad adventure in the great American West? Stop by and see us for the best WiFi in Truth or Consequences New Mexico on your trip.

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